vivoboard May 21, 2018

Jade and Adam Morin both retired last year. Now hey finally have time for travelling. Wait, don’t you need a lot of money to afford all those exotic holidays? Sure you do.

Well, they worked all their life, so they probably have savings that makes it possible, you might think. It’s not the case though.

So the secret of their financial well-being lies in charging their kids rent! Yes, that’s correct. All three of them are obliged to pay monthly fee for staying in their parents house!

Michael is a young lawyer, Brandon works at the bank, Ella just became a kindergarten teacher. Their careers have just started, yet they have financial obligations towards their own parents! Each of them pays $250 monthly. In total, it’s $9000 yearly that Jade and Adam can spend on luxury vacations thanks to their kids’.

Aren’t kids entitled to just live in their house without being charged?

While Brandon believes it’s a fair solution, Michael and Ella are against the fact their parents splurge on regular holidays abroad with their money!

Jade and Adam both think they are actually doing a favour to their kids, as the rent prices in Mississauga are twice higher than they ask for. It’s also a way to teach them how to be responsible and aware that it cost a lot of money to live on your own. Moreover, meals, cleaning and ironing are included in the price. She even prepares lunch for three of them every day. Is it such a bad deal in the end?

Ella said that “maybe it wouldn’t be, if they would be spending this money on something else than exclusive trips around the world while they all have to work!”

All her friends are still living with their parents and don’t even have to pay $1 for it, so Ella believes that’s the way it should work.

But in the end, aren’t retired people allowed to enjoy their life however they wish? Maintaining the house and providing food for three kids is not free either!

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