vivoboard June 1, 2018

Ashley Ross is a college student, who recently had issues with paying tuition. Her father just lost his job, and couldn’t finance her education anymore. Ashley had two options – either to quit college or to find a job and try to pay it herself. Then she found an offer for a babysitter position. “This is it” she thought.

The family was nice, but money was the most important factor here. As they were both doctors, they needed Ashley to stay with their daughter Mia also during the nights. Because of that, they were paying double. She wouldn’t resist such an offer.

Ashley started the next day, she loved Mia from the very beginning. It was better than she expected. Not only she was paid well but she also enjoyed her job.

Especially when the father – Justin was there. Ashley couldn’t stop looking at him. She always had something for older men, they seemed more attractive to her than guys her age. Moreover Justin was really nice to her, they were having interesting conversations every time he was home.

That day was different though. Ashley felt something was up the moment Justin opened the door. He looked at her like never before and asked to help with shopping bags in the garage. Ashley left Mia upstairs with puzzle and went down to help Justin. It was all dark there. Out of a sudden he grabbed her and kissed so passionately she couldn’t resist. He must have planned it. Ashley was shocked, but she liked it. She have been fantasising about him for weeks.

From that day on, they were doing it regularly. It quickly turned into an affair and Ashley found it pretty exciting. Deep inside though, she felt like they could be a family one day.

Maybe they could, if not this one phone call. Justin called her and said they don’t need a babysitter anymore. He was cold as ice. Ashley was totally confused. She thought things were good between them. Apparently she was wrong…

Two weeks later she overheard two girls speaking in the library. One of them mentioned she just got a job as a babysitter, it was the family of two doctors. It couldn’t be a coincidence. Ashley approached this girl in the corridor and asked about the job she talked about. To her surprise, she only heard: “Yes darling, I replaced you. Justin told me you were not that good anyway, in that garage you know”

WOW, that’s definitely not the answer she was expecting! It looks like she wasn’t the first or last babysitter he hired, and not the only one with fantasies!

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