Snowboard Camp

Open to every skill level of snowboarder.

From straight airs to rail grinds, all riders will learn something new

During your session, our coaches will help you to improve your snowboarding by teaching you the solid fundamentals and correct technique so you can learn to ride with the skill and style you want.

We'll start off teaching you all the basics you'll need to get on your way to become a solid snowboarder.

We work with our beginner snowboarders on the flatter groomed terrain offered on the Magic Mile chairlift (snow permitting) and lower Palmer.

In the early morning hours, when the snow is more firm, we teach our campers how to ride on hard snow, which is ideal training for all-around snowboard skill building.

Training on firm snow teaches you proper stance, balance, and carving skills which all relate to what you do in the terrain park.

Mount Hood is a volcano with two resorts on it, and one down the road.

In summer, youll be riding Timberline, and between May and August, this is the slush capital of the world.

Whith small, medium and large lines of well-maintained jumps and a whole slew of creative features lined up in a progressive sequence, here is something for everyone, especially if you start on the small side and snake your way skiers right through the trees to hit the most amount of features possible in one run.

How To Find Us


The closest major airport to Mt. Hood is PDX, Portland International Airport.


Hood is a little over an hour away in a rental car, or if you're connected, in the car of a local homie.


Depending on where you live, driving is a convenient and secure alternative.


The drive from any state in the West guarantees solid gold scenery, and you'll have a car for easy transportation to and from the mountain.

Roman Buck
A professional snowboard coach in VivoBoard.