vivoboard July 5, 2018

Abby Jones recently faced financial problems. After her mom split with Abby’s step father, there was nobody to pay for her college anymore. She didn’t have much options though – no experience, no degree. Moreover. Abby needed to find something that would fit with her schedule at college. The only thing she could think of was babysitting. Abby had raised her little sister almost by herself, so if there is one activity that she was really good at, it was looking after kids. She decided to go for it.


Abby went through the offers online and found exactly what she was looking for. A couple of doctors, who mostly needed a babysitter for the evenings and nights, paying double.

They seemed nice, especially the father. Abby liked him from the very beginning. Their daughter Alisson was super cute as well. Everything looked just perfect.

Abby was spending all her time off with Alisson. After a few months, she basically felt like home in their house. With the difference that it was at least twenty times better than the one she grew up in. Everything was so clean and tidy, there were fresh flowers everywhere. It was like a dream. Abby was glad she had a chance to enjoy it, even though it was still her work place.

The father, John was sometimes giving her some extra money for college fun. He knew that all of Abby’s salary was spent on tuition fees. He was also aware of the financial situation of her family. Him and Abby were getting along very well. Everytime he was home, they were spending a lot of time together. Abby trusted him and deep inside, she wished he could be hers.

He was so manly, mature and seductive. She was never attracted to boys her age. They were still too childish and none of them really knew how to please a woman. John was definitely her type. But she would never dare to reveal her feelings towards him. Abby kept it a secret.

What happened next surprised her.

One night, John came back from work extremely tired. They had a brief conversation, but he just wanted to rest. Abby offered to prepare bath for him, just to help him relax. When she was just about to leave the bathroom, John approached her and kissed passionately. WOW! Abby had no idea John was even interested in her. He had a wife and daughter… But at that moment she couldn’t think of it. She finally had a night with a man she desired.

Since that day, they have been doing it regularly. Abby felt they had a special connection. They understood each other without words. Sometimes she felt guilty, knowing that John has a family. But he explained her many times that him and his wife were together only because of Alisson. They were never in love but once his wife got pregnant, he couldn’t just walk away. He took the responsibility of raising his child. John also said that he is planning to get a divorce, but first Alisson has to get older to be able to understand what’s happening.

Abby was living a dream until one day John called her and told her they don’t need a babysitter anymore. He was so cold with her. Abby was downcast. Why would he do that? What did I do wrong?

Abby was hoping he will call back one day, but he didn’t. She was broken. At least now she realised she was in love with John and it was never just fun for her. Too bad it wasn’t the same for him. Abby spent days and nights in her bed, crying after her lover.

A few weeks later, Abby discovered that one of the girls she knew at college, Claire, was hired as a new babysitter for Alisson. She was furious and desperately wanted to talk to this girl, to find out what was the real reason they had sent her away.

When she approached her at one of the events, Claire said, “It’s my turn to sleep with the doctor. Your time is over, my dear. ”

WHAT? So, this guy does it with all the babysitters, just for fun? What about his wife, does she know about any of this? What a pervert!

Unfortunately, Abby will probably never find out why he decided to end it. She was left with a broken heart and empty pocket.

Well, if you play with fire, don’t be surprised you get burned.

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