vivoboard July 13, 2018

My girlfriend and I had been in a relationship for around 9 months, and it was by far the longest relationship I’d ever had. We really got along and rarely had any “relationship issues.”

I wish I had known then, what I know now….

The first time we met was at a club downtown. I was pretty much a player back then, not looking for anything steady and just searching for a good time night after night.

But the moment we made eye contact, I knew this girl was the one for me.

Shortly after meeting that night, we started dating. We got to know each other more, and it wasn’t too long before our relationship flourished into a solid relationship. She even started staying over at my place quite regularly.

Two months into our relationship, I asked her to move in with me. That where the nightmare began….

Megan’s character changed quite quickly, and not for the better. I was being bossed around on a daily basis and belittled constantly. When I tried to bring up her mood swings, she would just bite my head off and storm out the room.

After I while I just gave up….

Things were getting worse and worse. I loved her to the moon and back, which made the situation that more difficult.

Her weekly routine also started to greatly change. She was coming home and any hour of the night, regularly messaging people on her phone and even taking it with her to the bathroom. Something was definitely off, but I just brushed it off.

Despite her moody days, I truly believed she loved me. Looking back, I think I was just in denial.

Man was I wrong….

Our relationship was deteriorating rapidly. Then, one day, I thought I would check her phone and see if something was going on behind my back.

That’s when all was finally revealed.

She was having an affair…. with my best friend Tommy!

Tommy and I had been best buds since the 3rd grade, and had been even supporting me through this already rocky relationship.

It then hit me. I finally got why he was advising me to dump her.

He wanted her all to himself. As I read through the messages, I worked out there were days she even hooked up with him before coming home and sleeping with me!

I wasn’t sure where to go or who to turn to. I had never been so badly betrayed in my life.
I decided to go and stay at my parents for a while, to clear my head and figure out my next move.

Megan texted me the next day and ended the relationship.

Not even and explanation or apology with it, just “We are over….”

I pathetically came crawling back to her, practically begging her to take me back!
Even though she had betrayed my trust with my closest friend, I was weak and just wanted to be with her.

She wasn’t interested and had her mind made up. My disillusion of our “perfect relationship” withered away.

That day I went with my mom to the local farmer’s market, I figured getting out of the house would do me some good.

I noticed something flashy on the floor. I picked it up and to my surprise it was a lottery ticket. I’ve been so unlucky with love recently, I thought maybe karma could throw me a bone.

And believe it or not, I WON! It was my lucky day!

I went back to my place, and the first thing I did was pack all of her shi**. I wasn’t looking for any reminders of our flawed fake relationship.

But before I threw all her stuff out on the street, I bought myself a brand new Mercedes. I wanted her to know that my life was great without her in it, and i didn’t need her.

I knew she’d be jealous.

I went back home and parked the car in the driveway, her belongings were scattered around the garden.

Megan Couldn’t Believe It….

Megan froze as soon as she saw the car and her stuff everywhere. It seemed like all of a sudden, her compassion and care were coming back too. We had a short conversation but I could tell Megan was fishing for details about how I got the car. Too bad she wasn’t getting anything more from me. I was simply indifferent and after everything she had done to me, I didn’t have any feelings for her anymore.

The day after, she started to text me asking to meet again. I ignored her. It turned out she found out I won the lottery and since then, she couldn’t stop trying to get in contact me.

How do I know? Well, her best friend is making me pancakes every morning for breakfast now!

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