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William Nilsson was an 82-year-old retired accountant from Stockholm, who worked hard his entire life and diligently saved all of his money.

According to his family and friends, William was a real cheapskate when it came to his money. Ebba Nilsson, William’s faithful wife of 47 years, claims she always loved William throughout their long marriage despite his lifelong reputation as a ‘cheapskate’. However, Ebba admitted that it wasn’t always easy to live with such a “penny pincher” who “loved his money more than just about anything else”.

“One time I was walking along with William when he found a 20kr bill on the sidewalk. The silly old man acted as if he had just won the lottery! He wouldn’t shut up about it for the whole day,” Ebba, told our reporters.

“Without a doubt, William’s favorite word in the dictionary was ‘FREE’. He would spend hours in the basement clipping coupons out of the newspaper just to save a few cents here and there.”

In fact, ‘extreme couponing’ had become one of William’s favorite pastimes. According to his family, William would spend hours each day browsing online in search of the latest and greatest coupons.

What is a man his age doing on the internet anyway?

“A couple years back, our grandson set William up on the internet on one of those ‘pad’ thingies. Since then looking at those darn coupon sites on his little ‘pad’ was all he ever seemed to do anymore…” said Ebba.

For better or worse, it was William’s obsession with thriftiness that would eventually lead the 82-year-old pensioner to amassing an incredible fortune before his untimely passing.

One evening William decided to try his luck at the lottery. It was definitely his lucky day. One lottery ticket made him richer by 7,132,581 kr! Both William and Ebba couldn’t believe it!

However, six months ago William fell deathly ill from a bad case of pneumonia. Despite his huge financial windfall, he was told by the doctors that he didn’t have much longer to live.
After finding out, the first thing William told his wife Ebba was, “Now listen; when I die, I want you to take all my money and place it in the casket with me. Because I want to take all my money to the afterlife.”

“I promise,” said Ebba, who would now face a very poor life as a widow if she fulfilled her dying husbands wishes.

A short time later, William passed away. It wasn’t easy for Ebba to start living on her own. The funeral took place at their local church. Ebba explained the funeral scene in detail to our reporters:

The now deceased William was stretched out in the casket, and Ebba was sitting at the funeral in black next to her best friend, Elsa. When they finished the ceremony, just before the undertakers got ready to close the casket, Ebba said, “Wait a minute!”
Ebba had a shoe box with her, she came over with the box and placed it in the casket. Then the undertakers locked the casket and lowered it into the ground.

Elsa said, “What was that shoe box?” Ebba replied, “William wanted to be buried with all his money, so I put it in there.”

“Are you crazy?! You buried that old cheapskate with all of his fortune?”
Ebba said, “Yes, I promised. I’m a good Christian, I can’t lie. I promised him that I would put that money in that casket with him.”

Elsa replied, “But he was rich, how did it all manage to fit inside that shoe box?”
“Well, that was a problem,” said Ebba. “So I got it all together, put it into my account, and I wrote him a check….”

Ebba giggles after revealing her ingenious revenge story to our reporters.

Now, with more money than she’s ever had in her life, Ebba is moving into the luxury home she’s always dreamed of living in but was always denied due to William’s frugal lifestyle choices.

Ebba’s also currently busy booking her dream vacation to France next month with her lifelong best friend Elsa. Together they plan to spend time lavishly, flying first class and lodging in 5-Star hotels.

“No more penny pinching for this ol’ gal… You can bet I’m spending all this cash before I go ‘cause I sure can’t take it with me like my silly husband thought he could!” Ebba said with a giggle.

What do you think of Ebba’s revenge on her husband? Is she greedy for spending her husband’s life savings on lavish vacations and luxury housing? Or does she deserve to treat herself to the ‘high life’ after living for decades under the frugal supervision of her husband? What would you have done in her situation?

Either way, we have to give credit to the clever widow for her ingenious revenge.

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