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When Vivienne Hastings, met Jeff, she knew they were meant for each other. Her relationship with her mother-in-law however, was a different story. After reading a text message on her in-law’s phone, their relationship turned cold…

Jeff and Vivienne had met at a conference in California. They knew the moment they met, they were destined to be together and after dating for a few months, Jeff introduced Vivienne to his family.

Everyone in Jeff’s family liked her immediately, except Jeff’s mom.

Jeff’s mother wouldn’t allow anyone to get in between her and her son. All Jeff’s previous girlfriends had been driven away by his mom’s hostile behaviour towards them and Jeff was determined to not let the same thing happen with Vivienne.

The relationship took its natural course after a brief engagement, Jeff and Vivienne got married. The wedding was small with close family and friends in attendance, but Jeff’s mother was nowhere to be seen.

Vivienne thought about it and couldn’t understand why her mother-in-law hated her so much.

“I was really nice to her and showed nothing but respect for her, but nothing I did seemed to please her!’’

Over time the relationship between Vivienne and Jeff’s mom went from bad to worse.

“We needed to collect a dressing table I had bought from a friend of mine and Jeff’s mom had a pickup truck and when he asked her if we could borrow it.’’ She replied.

“You’ve got me at a bad time. I would be more than willing to lend it to you but I need it right now for a few errands I need to do.”

“So we ended up hiring a small truck at half the original price of the dressing table.’’

Fast forward to one Sunday at a family barbeque.

The whole family were enjoying themselves in the back garden at the BBQ. Jeff’s birthday was just around the corner and Vivienne had ordered a birthday present for him online. She wanted to check the delivery date, but had misplaced her phone so she went to look for it.

Vivienne went into the kitchen and saw a phone lying on the kitchen countertop. She noticed it was her mother-in-law’s.

“She wasn’t around and I only needed a phone for a few minutes. It was going to be so quick she wouldn’t have even noticed.”

What she saw next shocked her to the core…

Her mother-in-law had left her text messages open.

Vivienne saw something about a pickup truck and her curiosity got the better of her.

Vivienne was shocked by what followed.

“My mother-in-law had messaged her friend and told her that I had asked to borrow the truck to move my dressing table and that I was always bossing Jeff around! She even went on to tell her friend she had lied to Jeff about needing the truck herself. She had sat at home watching tv that whole afternoon!”

After reading the text message, Vivienne placed the phone back on the counter and went back outside. She was fuming, but managed to control her anger for the remainder of the afternoon.

That evening, Vivienne told Jeff what she had seen. He was annoyed by it all, but they both decided to brush it off and move on. At least they managed to get the dressing table, and it looked really nice in their bedroom.

Later that night, they were lying in bed. Jeff was reading a book while Vivienne browsed the web on her smartphone when she suddenly remembered she had forgotten to check when Jeff’s birthday present was being delivered.

She logged onto her email and managed to confirm delivery of the book for the following day.

Her Mind Was Elsewhere….

Vivienne couldn’t stop thinking about her selfish mother-in-law and questioned why she refused to help them. They weren’t asking for much, and yet because of her hatred toward Vivienne, she refused to help.

Jeff’s mother’s refusal to help with the truck had also cost them extra money which they could ill afford.

Vivienne couldn’t control herself any longer and decided to call Jeff’s mom to let her know how she really felt.

She went into detail about numerous occasions where Jeff’s mom had been rude to her and cold. For Vivienne, she felt there was no turning back after their conversation.

She was fed-up with the mistreatment and disrespect her monster-in-law gave her.

“What the hell is your problem, and why do you hate me this much?!” Vivienne asked.

“I’ve never liked you and never will! My son deserves a whole lot better than what you can offer!,’’ before hanging up.

They have not spoken again since then…

Jeff called his mother the next day to try and fix things, but with no luck. He was just as angry as Vivienne was, and apparently his mum never wanted to speak to either of them ever again.

Their relationship was irreconcilable, but Vivienne couldn’t care less anymore.

It was like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders after speaking her mind and finally confronting her monster-in-law.

“What will be, will be! I can’t keep getting myself down when the problem is out of my control. I don’t know if I’ll ever speak to my mother-in-law again, but for the meantime, it’s quite refreshing not having to put up with her!”

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