vivoboard June 29, 2018

LOS ANGELES—Josh Brolin has a quick note about the superhero carnage his Avengers: Infinity Wars villain Thanos wrought this summer. To be fair, even Brolin, 50, wasn’t aware of just how bad the death toll would be until he watched the April world premiere with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and the two discovered the shocking surprise […]

vivoboard June 28, 2018

By Maria PuenteUSA Today Wed., June 27, 2018 Joe Jackson, the man who fathered Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 and deployed an iron will to turn his supremely gifted children into a culture-shifting music powerhouse, died early Wednesday according to reports from TMZ, Entertainment Tonight and US Weekly. He was 89. USA TODAY reached […]

vivoboard June 27, 2018

He is still given to flights of conversational fancy and grandiloquence, but the Kanye of this moment is not the overeager attention seeker of the “College Dropout” era, the difficult esthete who made “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” and proclaimed himself the greatest, nor is he the stern warrior of the “Yeezus” era, prone to […]

vivoboard June 27, 2018

On a bright and sunny evening this June, the slowly thawing carcass of a seal lay on the floor of Walker Court, the Art Gallery of Ontario’s central and most public hub. A group of Inuit carved carefully into its pale hide, revealing the dark crimson meat below, and distributed it piece by piece to […]

vivoboard June 26, 2018

The most gut-wrenching challenge of Maile Flanagan’s long acting career was playing a boisterous teen ninja coming face to face with his long-lost mother, just a week after the actress had lost her mom in real life. “It was the hardest thing to do and one of the best things I’ve ever done,” said Flanagan, […]